We are the sole Australian distributor for Marvic Mag Wheels


MARVIC history starts in 1954, thanks to Giovanni Vicario’s enthusiasm, when, still a very young man, he built a small shed in the town of Brunello with his own hands. This was the start of what later continuously improved and evolved to become today’s company, whose products are renowned worldwide.

Thanks to very advanced technology and to highly qualified staff, MARVIC is a paragon of quality and design in the field of wheels and accessories for racing and leisure motorbikes.

MARVIC has now developed a very exclusive melting process originated from Magnesium World’s know-how – a Group to which MARVIC belongs and which is a leader in the area of racing motorbikes, motorcars and other industries.

Having been significantly active for a such a long time in such a competitive market has been a big plus to the innovative and winning philosophy of MARVIC’s unique brand name.

All wheels are sand casted with magnesium alloy AZ91, and delivered to customers complete with aluminium air valves, bearings, inside and outside aluminium spacers, dumper rubbers and complete Magnesium sprocket carrier. You choose the colour.

All MARVIC wheels are delivered complete with an assembly kit that includes:


  • normal aluminium air valves and 90° aluminium air valves, with red
  • anodized and MARVIC close nipple
  • NTN bearings, shielded 2RS or ZZ
  • spacers totally machined, in extruded Ergal 7075 T6
  • seeger rings
  • heli coils; MARVIC stickers
  • sand-casted magnesium sprocket carrier (AZ91), complete with bearings, spacers, bolts and nuts
  • sand-casted magnesium adapter (AZ91), for original brake disc.