Erospace Technologies

If your bike has a FuelCel built by Erospace Technologies, then you’re using the same high-tech composite technology that helps them defeat the competition.

These fuel tanks utilise the same Aerospace Grade Structural Carbon/Kevlar and Epoxies similar to the components found in the latest Tactical Fighters. Made to order, we’ve taken the same technology and materials for the US Military and tailored the processes to fit the needs of sport and competition motorcycle riders. These are not your typical “fibreglass” fuel tanks.

Erospace Technologies started with a clean sheet of paper to design the finest tank products on the market today. By combining proven aerospace materials and current manufacturing techniques, these new tanks resists dings and weigh approximately 55%* less than the stock unit they replace, and THEY DON’T LEAK… PERIOD. That’s because they utilise the same materials and processes our wing tanks have been made with. By the way, these tanks built twenty years ago are still in service today.

Prior to your new FuelCel leaving the factory we leak test each unit to ensure its integrity. Finished in urethane primer they are truly “ready to paint” right out of the box, no pinholes, no scratches. Your new FuelCel also comes complete with a quick release 1/4 turn aircraft fuel cap. Locking caps are also available. Most FuelCels utilise the stock hardware, where they don’t, we supply the necessary components.

*Aprilia RS 250 2Kg lighter *Ducati 916 2.2Kg lighter
*GSXR 3.5Kg lighter *Monster 3.3Kg lighter
*TLR1000 2.8Kg lighter *Yamaha R1 3.5Kg lighter

  • Suzuki GSXR 1000
  • Ducati 999
  • Kawasaki ZX12
    Clear side panels available

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